NETFILE / IMPÔTNET & Error Messages

Are you getting error messages that you need help understanding? We've got your back with a more detailed explanation of all the error messages in our software.
CRA NETFILE Error code 90305 CRA NETFILE Error code 95478 CRA NETFILE Error: Information does not match when attempting to NETFILE CRA: Financial Statements Error Error 365: PPIP_EXEMPT_WITH_PREMIUMS_OR_INSURABLE_EARNINGS Error 374: T5013_BOX_154_BEFORE_ISGREATERTHAN_BOX_154 Error 375: T5013_BOX_155_BEFORE_ISGREATERTHAN_BOX_155 Error code 143: SPOUSE_BASIC_PERSONAL_AMOUNT_OVER_MAX Error code 207: ELIGIBLE_DEPENDANT_NETINCOME_REQUIRED Error code 344: T5_BOX16_REQUIRES_SOURCE_COUNTRY Error code 449: T1M_20INCOME_ISGREATER_THAN_A_B Error message 103: S7_RRSP_DEDUCTION_EXCEEDS_MAX Error message 104: S7_RRSP_TRANSFER_EXCEEDS_MAX Error Message 107: REQUIRED_FIELD Error Message 111: DATE_NOT_IN_CURRENT_TAX_YEAR Error Message 112: INVALID_SIN Error Message 113: SIN_SAME_AS_SPOUSE Error Message 114: INVALID_POSTALCODE Error Message 115: TELWORKEXT_REQUIRES_TELWORK Error Message 116: DATE_OF_BIRTH_NOT_BEFORE_JAN_01_1890 Error Message 118: T4_CONFIRM_NO_PENSION_ADJUSTMENT Error Message 120: T4AP_BOX14_IS_REQUIRED Error Message 121: T4AP_BOX16_IS_REQUIRED Error Message 122: T4AP_BOX21_IS_REQUIRED Error Message 123: T4AP_BOX23_IS_REQUIRED Error Message 125: S1_300_BASIC_PERSONAL_AMOUNT Error Message 127: CPP_F372_AND_F374 Error Message 131: OneHundredPercentT2042 Error Message 132: OneHundredPercentT2121 Error Message 133: OneHundredPercentT2125