NETFILE / IMPÔTNET & Error Messages

Are you getting error messages that you need help understanding? We've got your back with a more detailed explanation of all the error messages in our software.
Error message RQ278: EMPLOYMENT_END Error message RQ279: RL1_BoxR_RequiredBoxR1 Error message RQ280: TP128_PERSONAL_USE_CANNOT_BE_EQUAL_TO_HUNDRED Error message RQ281: SJ_NUMBER_MONTHS_MORE_THAN_TWELVE Error message RQ282: RQ_NETFILE_EXCLUSION_SPOUSE_LIVING_OUTSIDE Error message RQ283: RQ_NETFILE_EXCLUSION_FOREIGN_FIRST_TIME_FILER Error message RQ284: TP1_C0277T Error message RQ285: RL1_BoxO_REQUIRED Error message RQ286: T777_LicenceAndRegistration Error message RQ287: TP22_MUST_HAVE_BUSINESS_OUTSIDE_QC Error message RQ288: TP703_POBOX_ONLY Error message RQ290: REL24_BoxH_OTHER_PERSON_REQUIRED How do I find my NETFILE confirmation number? Revenu Québec NETFILE Error: T3BAAS05 Revenu Québec NETFILE Error: TSTRUC-TP498 RQ NETFILE Error – No description or number RQ226: RL16_BOXH_GREATERTHAN_BOXA RQ229: SH_53_NEEDS_LINE2 Warning Message : T4AP_BOX20 Warning message NETFILE_rejectioncode_16     Warning message S7_UNUSED_DEDUCTIONS   Warning message: ADD_T2121_TO_RETURN Warning message: BCS12_NETEXPENSES_ISGREATERTHAN_MAX Warning Message: MB479_WARNING_CLAIM_6110_ONCE_PER_RESIDENCE Warning Message: NEGATIVE_T126_REQUIRES_6783 Warning Message: NO_ELIGIBLE_INCOME_ENTERED Warning Message: ONBEN_missed Warning Message: QSE Summary (Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec) Warning Message: QSE Summary (Canada Revenue Agency only) Warning Message: QSE Summary (Revenu Québec only)