NETFILE / IMPÔTNET & Error Messages

Are you getting error messages that you need help understanding? We've got your back with a more detailed explanation of all the error messages in our software.
Error message RQ209: SI_MORE_THAN_NINE Error Message RQ210: SC_MORE_THAN_6_CHILDREN Error Message RQ211: RQ_NETFILE_EXCLUSION_LINE404 Error message RQ212: RQ_NETFILE_EXCLUSION_LINE405 Error message RQ213: RQ_NETFILE_EXCLUSION_SCHEDULE_E_LINE402 Error message RQ214: RQ_NETFILE_EXCLUSION_NEWCOMERS Error message RQ215: SO_MORE_THAN_TWO Error message RQ216: SH_MORE_THAN_TWO Error message RQ217: RL16_BOXJ_NEEDS_BOXC1_OR_BOXC2 Error Message RQ219: RL1_BoxG1_G1RequiredBoxA Error message RQ220: REL_24_DEPENDANT_NAME_NOT_EXISTING Error Message RQ222: RL16_BOXA_POSITIVE_VALIDATION Error Message RQ223: RL16_BOXA_NEGATIVE_VALIDATION Error message RQ225: RL16_SUMBOXH_GREATERTHAN_BOXH Error message RQ227: RL16_SUMBOXG_GREATERTHAN_BOXG Error message RQ228: SH_84_NEEDS_YOU_OR_YOURSPOUSE Error Message RQ230: NETFILE_EXCLUSION_TOO_MANY_SFD_RQ Error message RQ231: SA_21_TRANSFER_AMOUNT_MAX Error message RQ232: SA_54_TRANSFER_AMOUNT_MAX Error Message RQ233: VEHICLE_PURCHASED_BETWEEN_YEAR Error Message RQ234: SA_PART_A_MORE_THAN_6 Error Message RQ235: SA_PART_B_MORE_THAN_6 Error Message RQ236: SA_PART_C_MORE_THAN_3 Error Message RQ237: SA_PART_D_MORE_THAN_6 Error Message RQ238: REL3EXT_MISSING_FIELD_CODE Error Message RQ239: TP348_F_ISGREATERTHAN_D_E Error message RQ240: SV_DONATION_NATURE_REQUIRED Error message RQ241: NETFILE_EXCLUSION_TOO_MANY_TP1029RV Error message RQ242: NETFILE_EXCLUSION_TOO_MANY_COOWNERS_TP1029RVS1 Error message RQ243: TP1_H0461B