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How do I avoid re-submitting a return that's already been rejected? How do I calculate my home office expenses? How do I change a return that's already been assessed? How do I claim my property taxes? How do I claim the rent I’ve paid in 2016? How do I clear my cache? How do I clear my H&R Block cookies? How do I complete box 28 on a T4 slip? How do I know if I need to prepare a T2 or not if I have a business? How do I know if I’m using H&R Block’s most up-to-date software version? How do I login using my browser’s incognito mode? How do I report amounts received or paid in foreign currency on my return? How do I review the information I downloaded from the CRA/Revenu Québec? How do I sign in? How do I sign up for direct deposit to receive my GST/HST credit? How long should I keep my deceased family member’s income tax records? How to clear your cookies so that you can log in to the Canada Revenue Agency’s AFR service I am a continuing education student; can I claim the tuition tax credit? I haven’t filed a return in a few years. Should I start by filing the oldest return? I lived outside of Canada for part of the year. How can I file a tax return? I tried to import my information from a return I filed using a TurboTax or UFile product but it didn’t work. What should I do? I used the CRA’s Auto-fill my return (AFR) service and it looks like I’ve downloaded the same slip twice. What do I do? I was confined to a prison or similar institution for a period of at least 90 days during the year If I NETFILE my return, do I have to mail-in any paper slips or supporting documents? In 2016, was this dependant infirm? Is inheritance money taxed? Is there a point when I will no longer receive the Canada child tax benefit? I’m a user of H&R Block’s BASIC tax software. What kind of support is available to me? I’m on maternity leave, do I need to file a return? I’m self-employed. Where do I enter my income and expenses?