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An error is preventing me from using the CRA’s AFR service. What do I do? Are you a Canadian citizen? Are you a volunteer firefighter or a search and rescue volunteer? Are you filing your return for the first time? As a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador, what difference does it make when I received other than eligible dividends? At any time in 2016, did you live separately from your spouse because of medical reasons? At any time in 2016, did you separate from your spouse or common-law partner, but then reconciled? Can I claim my pets on my tax return? Can I claim my tuition fees even though Employment Insurance paid for my courses? Can I NETFILE my 2015 return? Can I receive online notifications from the CRA instead of through the mail? Can I transfer my refund to next year’s instalment account? Can I use H&R Block’s 2016 income tax software to do my 2015 taxes? Can I use my tablet or smartphone to do my taxes? Can I withdraw money from my RRSP under the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) for my spouse? Did you forget any of these commonly overlooked deductions and credits? Did you immigrate to Canada and become a resident of the country in 2016? Did you reconcile before March 2, 2017? Did you reconcile within 90 days of your separation? Did you suffer from a mental or physical disability in 2016? Did your mailing address change this year? Did your marital status change in 2016? Do I have to claim my lottery and gambling winnings? Do I have to file a tax return if I declare bankruptcy? Do you have dependants? Does the CRA have a Disability Tax Credit Certificate (form T2201) on file for your dependant? Enter the number of weeks you were separated H&R Block Online Tax Software FAQs H&R Block’s tax software lets you choose the product that’s right for you, with no strings attached How can I transfer my unused federal tuition and education amounts to my spouse, common-law partner, or relative?