Special situations - Are you a member of a communal organization? T1129: Newfoundland and Labrador research and development tax credit (individuals) T1135: Foreign Income Verification Statement T1170: Capital Gains on Gifts of Certain Capital Property T1172: Additional Tax on Accumulated Income Payments from RESPs T1206: Tax on Split Income T1229: Statement of Resource Expenses and Depletion Allowance T1232: Yukon research and development tax credit (individuals) T1258: New Brunswick Small Business Investor Tax Credit T1284: Saskatchewan employee tools tax credit T1297: Newfoundland and Labrador resort prop​erty investment tax credit (Individuals) T1299: Manitoba Book Publishing Tax Credit (Individuals) T2222: Northern Residents Deductions T4A: Pension, retirement, annuity and other income T4E: Statement of employment insurance and other benefits T5003: Statement of Tax Shelter Information T5004: Claim for Tax Shelter Loss or Deduction T5007: Worker’s compensation, social assistance, or senior supplement T691: Alternative Minimum Tax T776: Statement of Real Estate Rentals T929: Disability Supports Deduction Tax by Instalments Tax changes to expect when you’re expecting Tax credit for a top-level Québec athlete Tax Credit for Québec Seniors’ Activities Tax Credit for Workers 64 or Older Tax information for Non-residents of Canada The amount of Registered Disability Savings Plan repaid during the year Things look a little different this year, don’t they? Tips for first-time filers