Political contributions Prince Edward Island equity tax credit Public transit passes RC210: Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) advance payments statement RC383: Tax-exempt Earned Income and Contributions for a Pooled Registered Pension Plan Real Estate Income and Expenses Relevé 15: Amounts Allocated to the Members of a Partnership (RL-15) Relevé 19: Advance payment of tax credits (RL-19) Relevé 23: Recognition of volunteer respite services (RL-23) Relevé 27: Government payments (RL-27) Relevé 29: Remuneration of a family-type resource or an intermediate resource (RL-29) Relevé 31: Information about a Leased Dwelling Relevé 5: Benefits and indemnities (RL-5) Repayments to the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP Repayment) Repayments to the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) Revenu Québec: Important changes for the 2016 tax year Saskatchewan First-Time Home Buyers Tax Credit Saskatchewan Senior Supplementary Amount Schedule 12: Home Accessibility Tax Credit Schedule 1: Federal Tax Schedule 8: Contributions to the CPP or QPP Schedule 9 and Schedule V: Tax credit for donations and gifts Schedule B: Tax relief measures Schedule D: Solidarity tax credit & Relevé 31 Schedule E: Tax Adjustments and Credits Schedule H: Québec tax credit for caregivers Schedule K: Premium Payable Under the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan Schedule O: Québec tax credit for respite of caregivers Schedule P: Tax credits respecting the work premium Seniors and Healthy Homes – Home Renovation Credits