Foreign employment, pension, or investment income (T2209 & TP-772) Government benefits and other amounts you repaid (benefits repaid) GST/HST tax credit GST370: Employee and partner GST/HST rebate application How can I optimize my return? I have Indian status I paid spousal support or child support I paid tax in instalments to Revenu Québec in 2016, but I’m not able to report these amounts on my return I received interest payments from the CRA or Revenu Québec I sold my home - principal residence designation Income subject to Part XIII tax explanation Legal Wills LM-53-V: Insurable Earnings Under the QPIP and Pensionable Earnings under the QPP of a Person Responsible for a Family-type Resource or an Intermediate Resource Manitoba community enterprise development tax credit Manitoba Cultural Industries Printing Tax Credit Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit Manitoba Fertility Treatment Tax Credit Manitoba Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit (purchaser and manufacturer) Manitoba Primary Caregiver Tax Credit Manitoba School Tax Credit for Homeowners Medical expenses Medical expenses: Travel expenses, moving expenses, adaptation of a van, and attendant care services Moving expenses New Brunswick low-income tax reduction Northwest Territories Cost of Living Tax Credit Nova Scotia – Low-income tax reduction On December 31, 2016, did you and your spouse or common-law partner live in separate homes for medical reasons? Ontario benefits – Ontario Trillium Benefit and Ontario Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant Ontario Electricity Support Program Ontario Opportunities Fund