Employment income not reported on an information slip (tips, gratuities, or income earned from occasional or temporary work) Let's Talk About 2016: I contributed to a PRPP or non-Canadian pension plan Let's Talk About 2016: I was employed Prince Edward Island Teacher School Supplies RC267: Employee Contributions to a United States Retirement Plan – Temporary Assignments RC268: Employee contributions to a United States retirement plan– cross-border commuters RC269: Employee Contributions to a Foreign Pension Plan or Social Security Arrangement for 2016 – Non-United States Plans or Arrangements Relevé 17: Remuneration for Employment Outside Canada (RL-17) Relevé 1: Employment and other income (RL-1) Relevé 22: Employment income related to multi-employer insurance plans (RL-22) Relevé 25: Income from a profit-sharing plan (RL-25) Statement of employment expenses (T777 and TP-59) T1014 : British Columbia Training Tax Credit (Individuals) T1223: Clergy residence deduction T1256-2: Manitoba Employee Share Purchase Tax Credit T2200: Declaration of Conditions of Employment T4: Statement of Remuneration Paid T4A-RCA: Statement of Distributions from a Retirement Compensation Agreement (RCA) T4PS: Statement of Employees Profit Sharing Plan Allocations and Payments T626: Overseas Employment Tax Credit TL2: Meals and lodging for long-haul truck drivers TP-1029.9-V: Taxi Drivers and Taxi Owners – Citizens (Québec) TP-1129-V: Election for Special Tax Relief Related to the Deferred Taxation of Security Option Benefits TP-59-V: Employment expenses for salaried employees and/or employees who earn commissions in Québec TP-64.3-V: General Employment Conditions TP-66-V: Employment Expenses of Transport Employees TP-75.2-V: Employment Expenses of Salaried Tradespeople TP-78-V: Employment expenses of forestry workers in Québec TP-78.4-V: Employment expenses of salaried musicians in Québec