Your return summary

The SUMMARY page of the WRAP-UP tab in H&R Block’s tax software shows you a quick summary of your return, before you file it, including information like your total and taxable income, federal and provincial tax amounts, total credits, total income tax deducted, and most importantly, your refund amount or balance owing.


If you prefer, you can see a PDF version of your return by clicking the View link under the Your Pre-File PDF(s) heading on at the bottom of the page. 


If you’ve forgotten to enter a slip or if you’d like to make changes to your return, simply click the Back button on the SUMMARY page or select one of the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to a previous section. Once you’re confident all the information you’ve entered is correct, click Continue; you’ll be one step closer to successfully filing your return! 

I can't view my PDF tax return

If you can’t view the PDF version of your completed return in the H&R Block Tax Software, it’s probably because you need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download a free copy of the PDF viewer tool from Adobe Acrobat’s website. Follow the instructions for installing the PDF viewer based on your operating system and browser.