Let’s Talk About 2016: I had investments and/or investment income, or I bought and/or sold property

You should select this checkbox if you had investments such as:

  • Tax shelters
  • Shares
  • Securities
  • Rental properties
  • Interest, dividends, royalties
  • Resources (like mining, oil, natural gas, etc.)

This checkbox also applies to you if you have any investment income or expenses that you want to calculate and include on your tax return and/or if you want to claim certain federal and provincial tax credits or deductions for your investments such as the:

  • Investment tax credit for individuals
  • Claim for tax shelter loss or deduction
  • Non-capital losses
  • Capital gains deduction on capital property and/or resource property 

You should also select this checkbox if you sold or disposed of a home you designated as your principal residence for some or all of the years that you owned it.  

Note: You can also find the Principal residence designation (T2091(IND)/Schedule3) page on the OTHER page of the PREPARE tab under the heading, OTHER TYPES OF INCOME.


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