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What do I need to send in with my paper tax return (Revenu Québec)?

What do I need to send?

If you’re mailing your paper tax return to Revenu Québec, you might need to attach the following documents to your return (as applicable):

  • Federal information slips reporting income that you earned outside Québec

  • All completed schedules and forms that are a part of your return

  • Financial statements, if you didn’t receive an RL-15 from your partnership or if you aren’t submitting form TP-80-V: Business or Professional Income and Expenses for your business income

  • A statement of expenses, if you’re reporting the net amount of research grants you received

  • A document confirming the repayment of benefits, if you’re claiming a tax credit for the repayment of benefits. You’ll also need to add a note that specifies the year to which the repayment applies

  • An explanatory note if your social insurance number changed during the year


Additional documents

You'll also need to send documents such as a valid work permit, documentation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or a certificate of acceptance from the Québec government, etc., explaining your ties to Canada if you aren’t:

  • A new resident
  • On a temporary stay in Canada
  • A foreign student
  • A foreign farm worker
  • An emigrant
  • On a temporary stay outside Canada

Note: You must only send documents that Revenu Québec requires in support of certain credits and deductions. Click this link to see the documents you must attach to your return for each tax credit or deduction you’re claiming. Keep all other supporting documents with your records in case Revenu Québec asks to see them at a later date.