Relevé 17: Remuneration for Employment Outside Canada (RL-17)

IMPORTANT: As of 2016, the RL-17 slip has been discontinued by Revenu Québec. 

Did your job require you to work outside of Canada during the year? If so, you’ll receive a Relevé 17: Remuneration for Employment Outside Canada (RL-17) slip reporting the income you earned during that time. The amount you can claim as a deduction on your personal tax return can be found in Box A of your paper RL-17 slip.

To receive an RL-17 slip:

  • You must have been resident of Québec
  • You must have worked outside of Canada for at least 30 consecutive days last year or early this year
  • You must have been employed by the company entitling you to your deduction throughout that time frame
  • You worked under a contract outside of Canada with respect to:
    • The exploration/exploitation of petroleum, natural gas, minerals, or similar resources
    • Agriculture, construction, installation, or engineering
    • Implementing computers, telematics or office automation systems, or any similar systems if this is the primary objective of your contract
    • Scientific or technical services
    • Management or administration relating to any of the above

Keep in mind, if you work for a business that reorganizes while you’re outside of Canada – for instance, if it merges with another company – you’re still considered to be working for the same employer during the rest of the time you’re out of the country without interrupting your entitlement period. Similarly, if you go on vacation for a reasonable amount of time (even if you come back to Canada), this won’t interrupt your entitlement period either.

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