T5007: Worker’s compensation, social assistance, or senior supplement

Your T5007 slip reports the income you received during the year from sources like worker’s compensation, social assistance, and the senior supplement (or guaranteed income supplement).

While generally non-taxable, the income reported on your T5007 is used to calculate your eligibility to receive certain federal and provincial credits (for example, the GST/HST credit and the Child Tax Benefit).

Remember: If you are also filing a Québec return, you must report your corresponding Relevé 5 slip.

Tax Tip:  If you lived with a spouse or common-law partner and you received social assistance payments during the year, the spouse with the higher income must be the one to report the assistance payments, even if their name isn’t on the slip. If your net income is identical, the person whose name appears on the slip must be the one to report the benefits.


Where do I claim this?

Follow these steps in H&R Block’s tax software to file your 2016 taxes:

  1. Under the QUICK ENTRY tab, click the QUICK SLIP icon. You will find yourself here: 

  2. Type T5007 in the search field and either click the highlighted selection or press Enter to continue.

  3. When you arrive at the page for your T5007 slip, enter your information into the tax software.