Why can’t I transfer a portion of my refund to cover an amount owing on my spouse’s return?

Unfortunately, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers all tax returns as ‘separate’, meaning that no one can transfer any of their federal income tax refund to anyone else, no matter what the reason.

If, however, you are a resident of Québec and you have a refund on your Revenu Québec return, you can choose to transfer some of that refund amount to your spouse, to reduce his or her balance owing on their Revenu Québec return.

Where can I do this?

  1. On the WRAP-UP tab, click the FINAL DETAILS icon.
  2. Answer Yes to the question Would you like to transfer some of your Revenu Québec refund to [spouse] to reduce his/her balance owing?.
  3. Enter the amount of your refund you want to transfer to your spouse. You can transfer all or part of your refund amount.
  4. Click Continue.