Questions from the CRA and RQ page – FAQs

Is this return being prepared under the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program? 

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) is a project supported by community organizations and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CVITP enlists the help of community volunteers to prepare tax returns for eligible individuals at no cost.

Whether you answer Yes or No to this question, your information helps the CRA measure the number of Canadians taking advantage of this valuable service.


Are you filing a return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the first time?

Answer Yes to this question if this is the first tax return that you’re filing on your own, separately from your parent’s return.


Are you filing a return with Revenu Québec for the first time?

If you answer Yes to this question, you cannot use the NETFILE Québec service to file your return. However, you can still file your return online using the Online Filing of an Income Tax Return service. This service can also be accessed on the All Services page of Revenu Québec’s website.

Tax Tip: In order to NETFILE your Québec return, you need to be registered with the My Account service. Once you’ve filed your first return and have received your Notice of Assessment (NOA), you’ll be able to register with the My Account service and can NETFILE your return.


I consent to have Revenu Québec provide me with the Notice of Assessment (NOA) for my 2016 return online only, through My Account service

If you file your income tax return online, Revenu Québec can provide you with your Notice of Assessment (NOA) online instead of sending it to you through the mail. If you consent to this statement, you’ll no longer receive your NOA by mail.

Tax Tip: You need to be registered with the My Account service to take advantage of this.


I consent to have Revenu Québec provide me with any notices related to the Solidarity Tax Credit online only, through the My Account service

Allowing Revenu Québec to provide you information about the Solidarity Tax Credit through the My Account service online allows you to:

  • Claim the credit
  • Notify Revenu Québec of changes in your situation
  • View the status of your file or application and
  • Give or revoke consent to receive the Solidarity Tax Credit notices electronically