Pop-up/ad blocker is preventing me from using the AFR service

Important: The Canada Revenue Agency will open their Auto-fill my return (AFR) service on February 20 2017. Revenu Québec will open their Téléchargement des données fiscales (TDF) service on March 2, 2017.

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Auto-Fill My Return (AFR) feature is a quick and easy way to download many of your slips right into H&R Block’s tax software.

When completing your return, you’ll be prompted to click the Sign in to My Account button, which will open a separate window containing the CRA’s My Account login page. If you don’t see this window, it’s possible your browser settings or a previously installed ad blocker might be preventing it from opening. You can adjust your browser settings by following these steps (Google Chrome):

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In the top right corner of your screen, click the  or  icon.
  3. Select Settings, then click Show advanced settings.
  4. Under Privacy, click Content settings.
  5. Under Pop-ups, select the Allow all sites to show pop-ups.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you might have to disable the ad blockers that you’ve installed.

Note: If this is your first year filing a tax return, you won’t be able to use Auto-fill my return (AFR) or other services available through the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) My Account; this is because the CRA requires that you file one tax return before you can register. 


Where can I learn more?