Error Message 343: T777_NO_EXPENSES_ENTERED

You will see the following error message on the ERRORS page in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if, you answered Yes or No to the question Were you employed by a financial institution? on the Statement of employment expenses (T777) page, but you did not enter any expenses on the form:

You started filling out a Statement of employment expenses (T777) page by answering Yes or No to the first question, but didn't enter any expenses. Please enter any applicable expenses you had. If you don't have any expenses to claim, please remove this T777 form from your return. [error code: 343]

How do I fix this?

To correct the error, enter your employment expenses into the designated field(s) of the T777 page. If you started more than one T777 form and would like to delete one from your return, click the DELETE link next to the form you want to remove on the form’s summary page.

If you would like to remove all of the T777 forms you created, simply deselect the checkbox labelled Statement of employment expenses (T777) located under the EXPENSES heading on the Employment page.

Note: You can find the T777 page on the PREPARE tab under the EMPLOYMENT icon, provided you select I was employed on the LET'S TALK ABOUT 2016 page.