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Revenu Québec NETFILE Error: TSTRUC-TP498

 You will see the following NETFILE error messages in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if you entered information into the software using a format that isn't supported by Revenu Québec:

  • You are trying to transmit something (DOB, phone number, dwelling number, postal code) and it is not formatted in the way that Revenu Québec wants it – do not use spaces, hyphens, dd/mm in wrong order etc.

  • We’re sorry, but you won’t be able to file this return. You entered too many characters in one or more fields in your return, based on the maximum number specified by the NetFile Québec service (for example: a name, address, or description you entered is too long). You’ll need to fix all these fields before you can file this return. 


How do I fix this?

To correct the error(s), ensure the information you entered into the tax software is formatted properly. Review the list of forms and pages below for instructions on how to correct the most common entries known to trigger this NETFILE error.


Invalid Dwelling Number and/or Postal Code

This error can be triggered if you incorrectly entered the dwelling number of the eligible leased dwelling you lived in when claiming the Solidarity Tax Credit. To correct this error, enter your dwelling number as it appears on your RL-31 slip.

This error can also be triggered if you incorrectly entered your postal code when providing information on your primary home on the Solidarity tax credit page. To correct this error, enter your postal code using the following format: A1A 1A1

Note: The Solidarity Tax Credit can be found under the OTHER icon of the PREPARE tab.




Invalid or wrongly formatted SIN (dependants)

This error can be triggered if you incorrectly entered your dependant’s Social Insurance Number (SIN) in H&R Block’s tax software. To correct this error, correctly enter your dependant’s SIN on the Your dependants page under the ABOUT YOUR DEPENDANTS icon of the GET STARTED tab.



Mandatory fields incomplete

This error can be triggered if you failed to enter information in all the mandatory fields when completing pages such as the T2125/TP-80: Business or Professional Income and Expenses. To correct this error, ensure that you’ve entered your information in all the mandatory fields.



Fields exceeding maximum characters

This error can be triggered if your entry in one or more fields of your return was too long. These fields can include the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address fields (for example, the employer address on the TP-776.1.ND page, or the business address on the T2125/TP-80 page)
  • Employer’s name or Payer’s name (for example, on a T4, relevé 1, or TP-776.1.ND page)
  • Description fields (for example, on the T2125/TP-80 page)

To correct this error, make sure your entry in the above fields is as short as possible. Example, H&R Block Canada, Inc. can be shortened to H&R Block in the Payer’s name field on the T4 page.