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Error Message 304: T1005_CURRENT_AND_PRIOR_YEAR

You will see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if, when making a new, initial claim for the Manitoba tuition fee income tax rebate, you entered the cumulative tuition fees from your 2015 notice of assessment or notice of reassessment, and you selected a graduation year other than 2016 from the dropdown menu in Part 1 of form T1005:

If you already claimed the Manitoba tuition fee income tax credit rebate in a previous return and are making a new, initial claim in this return, you must have graduated in 2016 (the current tax year).[error code: 304]

How do I fix this?

To correct the error, select 2016 as the year you graduated from the dropdown menu located on form T1005.

Note: You can find your T1005 form on the PREPARE tab under the STUDENTS icon.