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Error Message RQ169: TP643_EMP_NAME_MAX

You'll see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if, when completing form TP-64.3-V: General employment conditions, the name of your employer exceeds 30 characters in length:

The name of the employer entered on the TP-64.3-V (General employment conditions) form is too long. Make sure your entry is 30 characters or less. [error code: RQ169]

How do I fix this?

To correct the error, enter the name of your employer in the designated field of form TP-64.3-V. If your employer’s name exceeds 30 characters, do not enter the entire name. This field is for informational purposes only, so the entry does not need to be an exact match.

Note: Form TP-64.3-V can be found on the PREPARE tab under the EMPLOYMENT icon.