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Error message RQ133 NETFILE Error: SIN limitation

You'll see the following NETFILE error message in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if you have a social insurance number (SIN) that begins with zero and are attempting to NETFILE your Québec return:

You won’t be able to file your Québec return using H&R Block’s tax software because your social insurance number (SIN) begins with a zero and Revenu Québec requires that you file your return by mail. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Our retail offices have the expertise to handle this tax scenario and can prepare your return for you. Fees will apply. [error code: RQ133]

How do I fix this?

Social insurance numbers that begin with zero are temporary identification numbers given to newcomers to Canada. If you're a newcomer and have a SIN that begins with zero, you cannot NETFILE your return; Revenu Québec requires you to file your tax return by mail.

Note: If you're filing a return with your spouse or common-law partner who has a SIN that begins with zero, you will be able to NETFILE your Québec return but your spouse or common-law partner must mail their return to Revenu Québec.