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Error Message 112: INVALID_SIN

You will see the following error message in the 2016 H&R Block Tax Software if you have entered an invalid Social Insurance Number (SIN):

It looks like you provided a social insurance number that’s not valid. Make sure you enter the correct one. [error code: 112]

You may encounter this error if you accidentally key in an incorrect number when entering your SIN into the tax software. If you enter 8 characters instead of 9, or accidentally type a letter instead of a number, the field will revert to its initial state.

Note: It is not necessary to include your dependant’s Social Insurance Number(s) on your tax return if you are claiming credits on their behalf. However, if you are filing a tax return for your child you will need to enter their SIN when completing their return.  

How do I fix this?

To correct the error, enter your correct Social Insurance Number in the designated field.