You’ll see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if, while claiming the moving expenses you paid to move closer to your place of work, you indicated that the portion of the allowance or reimbursement amount you received that was already included in box 14 (Employment income) of your paper T4 slip was higher than the total allowance or reimbursement amount you received:

On the Moving expenses page, you’ve indicated that you received an allowance or reimbursement for moving expenses and that a portion of this amount was already included in box 14 (Employment income) of your T4 slip. However, the amount you entered that’s been included in your employment income is more than the allowance or reimbursement amounts you entered on this page. Let’s take a moment to go back and fix this entry. [error code: 449]


How do I fix this?

To fix this error, return to the Moving expenses page in H&R Block’s tax software. In the section, Amount received for your moving expenses, double-check the amount entered in the following field:

If part of this allowance or reimbursement was included in box 14 (Employment income) on your T4 slip from this employer, enter the amount that was included

Remember, this amount can’t be more than the combined allowance and reimbursement amounts previously entered on the Moving expenses page.

Note: You can find the Moving expenses page under the OTHER icon of the PREPARE tab.