Error message 417

You will see the following warning message on the ERRORS page in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if, on the Your mailing address page, you forgot to enter the name of your city or you entered it in a format that isn’t allowed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

You entered an invalid city. Let’s go back and correct it. [error code: 417]  


How do I fix this?

To clear this warning, enter the city you live in on the Your mailing address page. If the name of your city includes a period, keep in mind that the CRA only allows the use of a hyphen after a period when completing this field. Any other special character (like a slash) or a space aren’t allowed after the use of a period. For example, if you live in St. John’s, you can only enter it in either of the following formats:

  • St.Johns (no space or apostrophe)
  • St Johns (no period or apostrophe)

Note: You can find the Your mailing address page under the ABOUT YOU icon of the GET STARTED tab.