Return Storage Service

If there’s one common theme that ties all of H&R Block’s products together, it’s that each one is designed to provide peace of mind to our users. At first glance, the Return Storage feature might not seem as useful as say, Audit Protection, but dig a little deeper and there’s no denying its importance.

Return Storage: What is it?

Like the name implies, we’ll store a copy of your return on our secured servers for 7 years once you’ve filed your return. Why 7 years?  The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recommends that you hang on to your returns and other tax information for no less than 6 years in case you’re audited. Storing your return for an extra year means you needn’t worry about accidentally disposing of a return while it might still be audited.

In addition, having Return Storage means you’ll always know exactly where to find a copy of your return; you’ll never have to worry about accidentally deleting it from your personal computer or having to search for it in a stuffed filing cabinet.

How can I purchase Return Storage?

If you’re using H&R Block’s Online tax software, Return Storage is a standard component of the PROTECTION product.  If you’re a user of the BASIC or ASSISTANCE products, you’ll need to upgrade to be able to access it.

You can upgrade to the PROTECTION product by clicking the Upgrade Now link in the left-hand navigation panel: