Claiming the amount for other dependants

If you’re a resident of Québec and you lived with one or more eligible dependants during the year (other than children enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies) you might be able to claim the amount for other dependants on your return.

For the purposes of this credit, an eligible dependant is someone who meets all of the following conditions:

  • They were born before January 1, 1999
  • They’re related to you by blood, marriage, or by adoption
  • They lived with and were supported by you throughout 2016

An eligible dependant can’t be:

  • Your spouse
  • A child who, in 2016, is transferring an amount as a child 18 or over enrolled in post-secondary studies or
  • A person whose spouse is deducting an amount for credits transferred from one spouse to another


How is the claim amount calculated?

As you prepare your return, H&R Block’s tax software will prompt you to enter your dependant’s income for the year. This is a necessary step when claiming the amount for other dependants; that’s because 80% of their income (less any scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, or prizes for achievement that they received or the deduction they received for being a resident of designated remote areas) must first be deducted. Fortunately, our tax software will take care of this calculation for you.

If another person (like your spouse) was also responsible for supporting your dependant during the year, you can choose to split the amount between the two of you in any proportion you’d like, as long as the combined amount doesn’t exceed the maximum allowed.


Where can I claim this?

Follow these steps in H&R Block’s tax software to file your 2016 taxes:

Before you begin, make sure you told us you lived in QUÉBEC on December 31, 2016. Make sure you’ve also told us about your dependant(s) for whom you’ll be claiming this amount.

  1. On the WRAP-UP tab, click the OPTIMIZATION icon. You will find yourself here:


  2. On the Dependant amounts page, you’ll be able to decide if you or your spouse will be claiming this amount, or if you’d like to split it with another supporting person (if applicable).