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CRA: Financial Statements Error

You will see the following NETFILE error message from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in H&R Block’s tax software if an entry in one of your financial statements requires a correction or if you opened a form unnecessarily and failed to delete it:

One or more entries in your financial statements require correction. Ensure all required information is entered and look for invalid characters.

To correct the error, review your financial statements and make sure they are filled out correctly before you attempt to NETFILE your return again. If you opened any forms that you subsequently did not complete, you will need to delete them from your return. To do this, go to the form’s list view page and click DELETE. Next, uncheck the form on the main page where you initially selected it.

The most common forms that will trigger this error message include:

  • T2042: Statement of Farming Activities
  • T2121: Statement of Fishing Activities
  • T2125: Statement of Business or Professional Activities
  • T776: Statement of Real Estate Rentals
  • T777: Statement of Employment Expenses
  • TL2: Claim for Meals and Lodging Expenses
  • Medical expenses

Note: This list is not exhaustive.