Are you filing your return for the first time?

If you’re filing your return for the first time and want to file it using NETFILE, there is a possibility your return might be rejected by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), if they don’t have your complete date of birth on file.

When you file your return electronically, the CRA does several validations of your identity, including verifying your social insurance number and date of birth, with their database. Their system automatically rejects a return if your personal information on your return doesn’t match what they have on record for you.


How do I know the NETFILE was successful?

Once you NETFILE your return, the CRA will issue a confirmation number after it does a preliminary check and accepts  your return. The confirmation number is then displayed on your screen, usually in a manner of seconds. We recommend that you keep the confirmation number for your records.


What do I do if my NETFILE is unsuccessful?

If you were unsuccessful in your attempt to NETFILE your return, you can print and submit the mail-in version of your return to the CRA. To do so, go to the FILE tab and click By Mail in response to the question: How do you want to send your 2016 return(s) to the government?.  Print the downloaded mail-in version of your return and mail it to the CRA office that serves your city or province of residence.