What if I attended classes at multiple universities?

Important: Beginning January 1, 2017, the tuition, education, and textbook tax credit is being replaced with the tuition tax credit. If you have unused education and textbook credits from a previous year, you’ll still be able to claim them on your 2017 return or on a future return.

If you attended more than one college or university at the same time in 2016, you can claim the full tuition you paid as long as the tuition fee is more than $100 for each institution you attended.

Depending on your situation, you can either claim the full or part-time education amount for each month; you can’t claim both amounts for the same month.

For example, let’s say you attended two different universities and enrolled in a full-time course at each one for the period of January to April 2016. You’ll only be able to claim that you were a full-time student for 4 months even though the T2202A: Tuition, education, and textbook amounts certificate you receive from each institution will report “4” in box C* (or box A of your relevé 8 slip if you’re a resident of Québec).

*Box C of your T2202A certificate reports the number of months during the year you were enrolled as a full-time student at a specific educational institution.

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