Is there a point when I will no longer receive the Canada child tax benefit?

Important: The Canada child tax benefit (CCTB) has been eliminated as of July 1, 2016. That said, it has been replaced with the new Canada Child Benefit (CCB). For more information, refer to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website.

Yes. In addition to the fact that this benefit has been eliminated July 1, 2016 onwards, the CCTB payments that you received from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) are reduced as your adjusted family net income increases. Once your adjusted family net income exceeds $44,701, the CRA reduces the amount of CCTB you get. If you have one or two children, you aren’t entitled to receive the CCTB once your adjusted family net income reaches $118,251. If you have three or more children, you won’t receive the children’s tax benefit once your family income reaches $157,601.

Depending on your province or territory of residence, the CCTB amount you received might have been combined with a provincial or territorial benefit amount. Like the CCTB itself, these benefits are reduced once your family income exceeds a certain threshold. Click here to find out more about your province or territory’s benefit amount.

Low income families (whose family net income is less than $26,021) were also entitled to receive a maximum annual National child benefit supplement (NCBS) of:

  • $2,279 per year for the first child;
  • $2,016 per year for the second child; and
  • $1,918 per year for the third and subsequent children

Once your family net income reaches $26,021, the CRA reduces the amount of NCBS you receive.

Note: The NCBS has also been replaced by the Canada Child Benefit as of July 1, 2016.

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