H&R Block Online tax software - support

Whether you’re doing your taxes for the first time or are comfortable filing your return without any help, H&R Block’s Online tax software has a product that’s right for you!  Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in each of our tax software products so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.



Filing your taxes has never been easier or faster – start your return for free with the BASIC package and, if your family income is under $25,000, you’ll even be able to file up to 4 returns for FREE! Check out the list below to see all the features included with the BASIC product:

  • All tax scenarios - Whether you stick with our FREE product or upgrade to a paid package, you’ll have access to all the forms that you’ll need to complete your return. Having said that, there are a number of situations that H&R Block’s tax software doesn’t support. Click here to find out more.
  • Online Help Centre - If you have questions, we have the answers! Our Online Help Centre has hundreds of useful articles to help you figure out which credits you’re eligible to claim, and where to find them in our software. You can also click a NEED HELP or LEARN MORE link in the software to find out more about a specific field or topic.
  • Step-by-step guidance - As you work through your return,  we’ll guide you every step of the way. By the time you file, you’ll be 100% confident that your return is error-free.
  • Safe & secure - We know you’re trusting us with your most private information. That’s why we’ll always make sure that it stays safe and secure no matter where, when, or how you choose to complete your return.

  • Past return import - Interested in spending less time doing your taxes? Import some of last year’s information into this year’s with a click of your mouse!

  • Quick slip entry - New for 2016, this feature lets you search, add, and enter the information from your slips in three easy steps! It also means you’ll only see the pages that are relevant to you. 
  • Chat Support - Need a quick answer to a burning question? Use our handy chat feature and reach out to a member of our Support Team as you prepare your return.  


Do you have a question or need extra peace of mind before and after filing your return? If so, our ASSISTANCE product provides you with everything you need to file your return quickly while giving you the confidence that you’re getting the best result. The ASSISTANCE product combines everything in our BASIC product with the following features and support:

  • Auto-fill my return (AFR) – New this year, you can download your slips, RRSP information, carryforward amounts right into your return directly from the government. AFR is fast, easy, and accurate! Available for use starting February 20, 2017.
  • Helpful Hints Before you file, review a personalized list of helpful hints and rest easy knowing you've claimed everything you're entitled to. If you decide to apply the helpful hint(s) we’ve identified for you, we’ll even direct you to the page in our software so you won’t have to go hunting for it. It's the next best thing to sitting down with a tax expert! 
  • Pre-File PDF – You asked, and we listened! Before you file, you’ll have the chance to review a detailed PDF of your entire return, including all the forms and schedules that’ll be sent to the government. 
  • Visual tax summary - Are you curious to know how your refund or tax owing was calculated? With your Visual tax summary, you'll get an easy to understand visual breakdown of everything that went into your 2016 return! 



Need extra peace of mind before and after filing your return? With the PROTECTION product, we give you all the features of our ASSISTANCE product along with the following additional support:

  • Phone Support - Can’t locate a credit? Having trouble completing a form? Our customer-focused Support Team is waiting to field your calls. 
  • Audit Protection - If you’re audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec, you can count on the know-how of one of our tax experts to walk you through the process and help you every step of the way. This includes helping you understand the correspondence you might receive from either agency regarding any reviews or assessments of your return for a full year after you file. 
  • Return Storage - We’ll store a digital copy of your return on our secure server for up to 7 years. How will this feature come in handy? If ever you need to access information from your return you’ll always know where to find it. Imagine – never having to go searching through a file cabinet for your return ever again! 


I need a detailed review of my return

You can always add an Expert Review to any of our three products. We offer phone reviews with our tax experts for 15, 30, and 60 minutes. You choose how much time you need, depending on the number of questions you have.