Error Message 397: T3_BOX34_ISGREATERTHAN_BOX25

You’ll see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2016 tax software if, while completing the T3: Statement of trust income and allocations and designations page, you entered an amount in box 34 (foreign non-business income tax paid) that’s higher than the amount you entered in box 25 (foreign non-business income):

The income tax you paid on your foreign non-business income (box 34 on the T3 page) can’t be more than your foreign non-business income (box 25). Please double-check the amounts you’ve entered from your paper T3 slip. [error code: 397]


How do I fix this?

To correct the error, return to the T3 page in H&R Block’s tax software and double-check the amounts you entered. Remember, the foreign non-business income tax you paid (box 34) can’t be more than the amount of foreign non-business income you earned (box 25).

Note: You can find the T3 page under the QUICK SLIP icon of the QUICK ENTRY tab.